When the result isn’t showing

When the result isn’t showing

1️⃣ In case you don’t know

Most people are too attracted to the “overnight” success to realise👇

Whatever you’re creating, the growth is usually the same — exponential.
Even now, looking at myself as a creator, I feel like I’m on the early flat part of the curve where things are just growing slowly. But — and I’ve seen this so many times that I actually think it’s like a preset trajectory — when things become successful, they seem to happen all at once.@dabidoYT
Being a ‘creator’ is a marathon, not a sprint. —@AliAbdaal

2️⃣ Even if you know

Yes, you know the growth is exponential, but it feels hard to keep going when the result isn’t showing.

Change your focus a little.
Rather than focusing on “going up”, focus on going from the left part of the curve to the right part of the curve faster. So I hire a video editor and have done so for like two years now. Because I want to go from left to right, and therefore up, as fast as possible. —@dabidoYT
Celebrate small wins.

Enjoying the journey doesn’t only mean loving the work you do, but also celebrating each achievement, however small and seemingly effortless, with external rewards along the way.

When it’s too much,
Behind every view, subscriber, like & download is a real person.
Remember “Journey before destination”.
Sure, we can work towards goals all we like. But while doing so, we should regularly reassess whether we’re enjoying the journey. If we’re not, we should do something to change that or reconsider whether the goal is really worth the sacrifice. In many cases, it might not be. —@AliAbdaal