Problem solving strategies

Problem solving strategies

How not to approach solving problems

  • Jump into the problem trying to solve it without much thinking.
  • Implement a solution in an unstructured way.
  • Get stressed out when things don't work.
  • Not doing research for solutions.

How to effectively approach solving problems

  • Stay calm and slow down, don't jump at a problem without a plan.
  • Take a very logical and rational approach to solve a problem.
  • Use this framework to solve a problem:
    1. Understand the problem: make sure you 100% understand the problem. Ask the right questions to get a clear picture of the problem.
    2. Divide and conquer: break a big problem into smaller sub-problems.
    3. Research: do as much research as we have to in order to help us to understand and solve the problem.
    4. Pseudo code: for big problems, write pseudo code before writing the actual code.