Documenting the code

We should use the JSDoc format.

export default class View {
     * Render the received object to the DOM
     * @param {Object | Object[]} data The data to be rendered (e.g. recipe)
     * @param {boolean} [render=true] If false, create markup string instead of render to the DOM
     * @returns {undefined | string} A markup string is returned if render=false
     * @this {Object} View instance
     * @author Damian Demasi
     * @todo Finish implementation
    render(data, render = true) {
        if (!data || (Array.isArray(data) && data.length === 0)) return this.renderError();

        this._data = data;
        const markup = this._generateMarkup();

        if (!render) return markup;

        this._parentElement.insertAdjacentHTML('afterbegin', markup);

VSCode will embed this comments to all the function calls when we hover over their names.