Our focus is in on industries that are fundamentally sound.We invest in industries that are protected from economic cycles (not very vulnerable industries that only do well in times of boom).We focus on industries that are needed by the people and are in high demand.We search for industries that have a supply shortage and there is a gap we can fill.Our core effort goes to industries that we understand and know technically and operationally well.


  • Square Capital Investments is an alternative investments company, focusing on investing in medium-sized companies in emerging markets. Driven by long-term value creation, we target companies with potential to create sustainable growth despite economic cycles, we work closely with management and we make a difference in the communications where we operate in sectors such as healthcare, financial services, real estate, manufacturing, renewable energy and technology.


  • Focuses on investing in the industry of Renewable energy in guaranteed high return projects.
  • Made its first principle investment in a Project in Egypt for the construction of 50MW of solar power plant under the Feed in Tariff program offered by the Egyptian ministry of Electricity secured by a PPA. Co-invested alongside leading Egyptian industrial groups.
  • Strong pipeline of solar energy projects with attractive economics, supporting our potential investment in the sector.


  • A healthcare platform that cater to a mass population. Square Health has envisaged creating a network of 3,000 beds by the year 2019.
  • Established as an Exempt Company in the Cayman Islands in 2016, Square Health is a healthcare investment company aiming to achieve capital appreciation and value creation by investing in healthcare businesses, predominantly in India as a first initiative and aiming to expand to other markets.
  • In line with its objective to invest in hospitals, clinics, diagnostics centres and other healthcare businesses; Square Health had invested in Jeevana Care Private Limited, a 58-bed hospital in India focus on the fragmented underserved healthcare sector in India.
  • Square Health investment philosophy is based on a disciplined due diligence process, assessing associated risks while identifying drivers for value creation. Square Health firmly engages in attractive transactions and works with or deploys talented management teams, achieving transformation of acquired businesses and value maximization.
  • Company targets healthcare assets where considerable value can be created, whereby a hands-on approach is adopted to help portfolio companies become more efficient/valuable.

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