Slide 7: Team (1)

It's often said that a tech startup needs a hacker, a hustler, and a hipster. While the hipster (a.k.a. designer) may not be necessary for some startups, the hacker and hustler definitely are. Investors are seeking the right combination of technical skills and marketing savvy in your team. If they don't see it, they may become concerned.

Objective: To leave your audience with the impression that your team is the right fit for the job.

To make this slide effective, get right to the point. What experience do your team members have that proves they have the necessary skills? If your team's credentials are not that impressive (e.g. you founded the startup while still in college), try to attract at least one mentor who has more experience in your field and, ideally, in startups. This way, the experienced mentor's presence will alleviate any fears that the inexperienced founding team may cause in investors.

Remember that how you present yourselves will complement the impression that this slide makes. Investors are people, and they prefer working with founders whom they like. Being friendly while showing confidence and competence is key.