How to build consistently

How to build consistently

Option 1: Start small — 1 template per month.

There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time. — Desmond Tutu

Can’t stress how powerful this is. Remember the 3-part model our Creator’s Manual uses? Building consistency falls under Level 1: Get going. That means if you do too much to get good at once, you’ll struggle.

Once you have a streak, say, for 5 months, make it 2 templates per month. Then, maintain the streak for another few months, and increase your frequency until the one you’re comfortable with.

Option 2: Start simple — 1 template per week.

Weekly launch forces you to focus on making things simple & having the bare minimum build that solves the problem.

It’s just like starting a YouTube channel or a weekly newsletter, you churn out content to get going, then figure out how to get good a little by a little along the way.

You may not be fully satisfied with everything, but, in the end, you get better consistency and ample experience.

Most enjoyable step > Most effective step.
Focus on your current trajectory, not your current results. —James Clear