What is Pix4Dinspect?

Pix4Dinspect is a cloud-based software generating 2D maps and 3D models and offering visual inspection and asset management capabilities for professionals in the infrastructure sector. It includes new artificial intelligence-based capabilities to detect potential failures in infrastructure, along with specific tower inspection tools.

How do I obtain a license for Pix4Dinspect?

To obtain a license, contact our sales team here.

Is Pix4Dinspect available for desktop?

Pix4Dinspect is a Cloud-only platform.

Which internet browsers and operating systems support Pix4Dinspect?

The following browsers can be used to work with Pix4Dinspect on Windows 10+ and MacOS:

  • Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Internet Explorer Edge (latest version)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (partially supported)
  • Safari 11+

In which languages is Pix4Dinspect available?

Pix4Dinspect is available in English, Japanese, and Spanish. To change the language:

  1. On the top right, click the user icon and select Language.
  2. Select the desired language.

Is my data secure?

Pix4D cares about your privacy and does not claim any ownership of your data. Find more information in our Terms of Use.

What are the inputs/outputs of Pix4Dinspect?

Using Pix4Dinspect, you can import RGB images (.jpg, .jpeg) or videos from Parrot Anafi (.mp4). More information in: Inputs. Pix4Dinspect outputs include a point cloud, DSM, orthomosaic, and reports. For more information: Outputs.

Which cameras are compatible with Pix4Dinspect?

Pix4Dinspect supports geolocated JPEG images from the most popular DJI drones and drone manufacturers' cameras providing the recommended XMP tags (for position and orientation).

Can images without geolocation be processed in Pix4Dinspect?

It is not possible to process images without geolocation in Pix4Dinspect.

How many inspections can I create?

The number of inspections that can be created depends on the purchased license.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the results?

In case of bad quality results for an inspection, you are allowed to upload a new dataset under the same asset for maximum other two times during a 15-days interval after the first upload. In this case, the total uploads (maximum 3 per inspection) will count as just 1 consumed inspection.

How many images can I process using Pix4Dinspect?

There is no limitation regarding the number of images to process. However, for an optimal experience with our servers, Pix4D Cloud can process a dataset of about 1,000 images and, for technical limitations, the maximum number of images that can be processed per project is 4000. Keep in mind that we expect from our users to respect our fair usage policy.

What is Pix4Dinspect fair usage policy?

According to our fair usage policy, the average on a yearly basis of all the uploaded inspections must not exceed 15 PGPs.

PGPs = number of images * image resolution [MP] / 1000For example: 750 images of 20MP = 15 PGP.

Does Pix4Dinspect include 2D and 3D visualization?

Yes, the inspection process can be a combination of 2D, 3D and image viewers. For more information: 2D/3D view and Image annotations.

How can I change the unit of measurements?

Web measurements calculated on the results are displayed in metric or imperial units. To change the unit system:

  1. On the top right, click the user icon and select Account settings.
  2. In the panel Solution preference, select the measurement unit.

Does Pix4Dinspect generate an inspection report?

Yes, Pix4Dinspect is able to generate an inspection report, which includes the information derived from the Image annotations and the Antenna tool.

What happens to my projects when my license expires?

Once a license expires, the inspections are kept on our servers and can still be accessed before their deletion according to our Retention policy. New inspections cannot be created, unless a new license is purchased.

What is the price of Pix4Dinspect?

For information about Pix4Dinspect’s pricing, contact our sales team here. Data storage is included in the first year of subscription. Contact our Sales team for additional storage options.

How can I get technical support for Pix4Dinspect?

For technical questions about our products contact our support team here.