Applications of Photogrammetry Software

Applications of Photogrammetry Software


When existing buildings are renovated, there are often no plans to be used as a reference for planners. In these cases, photogrammetry software is a cost-effective method to create accurate plans and measurements imported into CAD and BIM software to kick-start the project. Photogrammetry software is equally useful in surveying the surrounding area and creating elevation drawings.


Other exciting fields that make use of photogrammetry software are archeology and cultural heritage preservation. In the past, archeologists measured and then traced buildings and other structures on maps and plans as elevations, facades, and contours. The recent wave of photogrammetry software has opened new avenues of recording past generations’ monuments and allowing future generations to study and interpret them.


Disciplines like geology, mining, and quarrying also provide numerous applications for photogrammetry software. Compared to traditional surveying methods, this technology is an affordable method to generate point clouds and elevation maps. Professional photogrammetry software solutions provide comprehensive analytical tools to measure stockpiles and pits in a snap.