Canva Tips & Tricks

Canva Tips & Tricks


Here are 20 fun tips and tricks you can use in Canva to speed up your designs and also improve the quality. Make things look better in half the amount of time!


01: How to select difficult layers
02: Design a beautiful ebook cover or product mockup
03: How to add a drop shadow text effect on Canva
04: Moving elements with arrow keys
05: How to add a gradient background on Canva
06: The fastest and easiest way to add text
07: How to save your favorite colors into your Brand Kit
08: How to upload images on Canva faster
09: How to duplicate text and elements
10: How to zoom in/out faster (keyboard shortcuts)
11: How to group text and elements
12: How to crop images on Canva
13: Filtering by Free/Pro elements or photos
17: How to perfectly align text and elements with guides, rulers, and positioning
19: How to create a trendy highlight/stroke effect
20: How to use Canva Frames


14: How to filter elements or photos by color
16: How to use Canva Templates to save time and get more done
18: How to remove backgrounds from photos with one click