• NameiWitnessPRO
  • TypeAerial, Close-Range
  • Output File FormatsTXT, CSV, PTS, LAS, PLY, DXF, KML
  • Price$2,495

iWitnessPRO is a professional photogrammetry software that was developed with a high degree of accuracy in mind. Capable of producing a point-cloud to a mind-boggling resolution of 1 pixel, this software supports both close-range and aerial photogrammetry.

Suited to working with material from drone photography and stills from videography, iWitnessPro can stitch models together without the need for GPS data, drawing instead from the appropriate EXIF metadata.

Since iWitnessPRO supports Ground Control Points (GCPs), it is ideal for applications that need to connect measurement to external references. In addition to 3D models, this photogrammetry software can also generate digital surface models (DSMs) and orthoimages. More importantly, this photogrammetry software integrates well into larger workflows, as the data captured with this photogrammetry software can be exported into CAD programs.

Unlike many of the other paid-for programs on this list, a perpetual license of iWitnessPRO is available, rather than access as part of a monthly subscription.