• NameDroneDeploy
  • TypeAerial
  • Output File Formatsdxf, GeoTIFF, las, obj, xyz
  • Price$149/month or $99/month when billed annually

DroneDeploy is an easy to use aerial photogrammetry software covering the entire process from flight to finished 3D model. This solution consists of two apps: Frist, a mobile app that’s used to control the drone’s flight path. Define the area you want to scan on an interactive map and set the direction the drone will follow. The app controls the entire flight from take-off to the landing.

The second app runs in the cloud and creates 3D models and maps using the images taken with your drone. You can select from various processing modes for your specific needs. You can view the result in four map layers that give you information on plant health and elevation. Besides, DroneDeploy is equipped with powerful tools that allow you to measure distances, areas, and volumes. To get the most out of your data, you can add additional features to the DroneDeploy app market.

The ecosystem of the photogrammetry software is compatible only with DJI drones. For hobbyists, DroneDeploy offers a free plan with limited features.