Autodesk ReCap


  • NameAutodesk ReCap
  • TypeAerial, Close-Range
  • Output File Formatsasc, cl3, clr, e57, fls, fws, isproj, las, pcg, ptg, pts, ptx, rds, txt, xyb, xyz, zfs, zfprj
  • PriceFrom $40/month or $325/year

ReCap is an acronym for “reality capture.” Like other Autodesk products, this one is developed for integration into workflows that rely on multiple tools. Therefore, you can export the result as a point cloud or mesh into CAD and BIM software. The software has two basic modes. One for aerial photogrammetry and another for close-range photogrammetry. In addition to photographs, ReCap can also process laser scans and align them with photo-based projects to generate 3D models. Although ReCap can register images automatically, it also allows you to pick manually to enhance the overall result.

Apart from capturing large structures in 3D, this photogrammetry software is also equipped with high-quality analytical tools, advanced editing, Fly features for UAV/drone photos, and collaborative tools. ReCap also comes with several data services that are designed to process the scans. The foremost data service is the Auto Cleanup that will automatically identify and remove unwanted points like people and moving objects photographed accidentally. Another beneficial service is converting the scan data into meshes that can be exported for processing in other applications.