1️⃣ Why

It makes you think twice when you want to waste time.
The pain of regret > The pain of getting things done

2️⃣ Common types

Personal accountability partner(s).
  • Your partner(s) — friend, family etc. — will hold your accountable.
  • You pledge to do something and forfeit something precious to you if you fail.
  • Based on the:
    • pain of having nothing to show for.
    • pain of being looked down upon.
    • pain of letting others down.
The public as your accountability partner.
Tool: Beeminder etc.

3️⃣ Why isn’t accountability working for you?

You’re lying.
  • You can easily tell your accountability partner(s) that you read 25 pages today even if you didn't.
  • Everything falls apart the moment you lie. Be honest!
You’re promising too much.

I'd tried setting many goals in a habit contract. They all failed so easily a few days later because👇

You’re setting “no” and “don’t” goals.
  • "No Instagram" and "Don't wake up past 9" sound reasonable.
  • But, that's like wanting to cross a cliff but forgetting to build a bridge.

4️⃣ What to do instead?

Start small.
  • Be held accountable on one thing at a time.
  • It’s better to get one thing done than nothing.
  • Consistency and patience are what get you there.
Set clear and measurable goals.
  • You’re more likely to do them.
  • You can prove your progress to your accountability partner(s) easily.
Focus on the “yes” goals.
  • Wanna use Instagram less? Tell your partner(s) to hold you accountable for reading on Kindle when you're most tempted to use IG.
  • Doing that gives you a plan to replace IG instead of just saying "No" and relying heavily on your tiny willpower.

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