05. You’re not following your brand look & feel

05. You’re not following your brand look & feel

Every good brand has consistency. The same colors, fonts, type of imagery and overall tone. When you follow this, people are able to immediately call upon you when they see your ads, videos, posts, etc.


Alternatively, not following your branding, it will distort your brand equity over time which can damage its value and reputation.

Are you following these five principles in your personal designs? There’s no doubt that you will need to produce a wide range of marketing materials throughout your business journey. While each item has a different purpose, it’s important they follow these design principles.

Oftentimes, we hear that our clients just don’t have time and want to whip up some content. And that makes sense. After all, you don’t have a graphic design degree and have more important business battles to attend. Consider getting custom templates made within Canva that you can customize to your own needs.