03. Teach With Canva

03. Teach With Canva


Canva has an immense libray of resources and videos based around education. Each of these videos are extremely informative and can be applied to almost any classroom.

Don’t forget to check them off as you go! Did you know that Canva Pro is also free for teachers?


01. Search & Edit Templates
02. Engage Students With Presentations
03. Flip Learning With Talking Presentations
04. Design Daily Agendas
05. Design Graphic Organizer Activities
06. Design Brainstorming Activities
07. Design Infographic Activities
08. Design Poster Activities
09. Design Talking Presentation Activities
10. Design Video Activities
11. Design Comic Strip Activities
12. Design Storyboard Activities
13. Design Report Activities
14. Create a Cohesive Class Style
15. Design Effective Parent Communication
16. Design Class Announcements
17. Building Class Relationships
18. Support Social-Emotional Learning
19. Establish Class Expectations
20. Get Organized With Class Schedules
21. Design Story Book Activities