03. Repetition

03. Repetition

As you may have already guessed, repetition refers to when an element is repeated throughout a design. It could be anything, from using a certain font colour to adding a repetitive pattern to a social media post.


Repetition makes designs visually exciting and cohesive. It also creates a sense of consistency by using a repeating motif that the viewer comes to expect. This makes it particularly useful when it comes to creating your distinct brand identity.

Brand identity is the visible element of your brand. The colours; design; logo. It acts to distinguish your company from the millions of others out there, so when folks see your designs they immediately know it’s your business.

Every successful business uses repetition. Why do we equate the swoosh and “just do it” with Nike? The blue can with Pepsi? Because these visuals were repeated so often that eventually they became synonymous with the brands they represent.

So while repetition can just help you make a sweet iPhone wallpaper, it’s a crucial tool for any company looking to build a visual identity and brand recognition.